Cash Management

Cash Management


Control your finances more efficiently with our straightforward online cash management suite. Streamline your payables and receivables with payroll direct deposit, direct customer billing, and more!

Online cash management gives you anytime access to online bill pay, ACH debits and/or credits, wire transfers, and more. So you can conduct business when there's work to be done, not waste time while stuck on someone else's clock.

Cash Management Essentials:

  • 24/7 online business account access
  • Pay bills efficiently and securely online
  • Initiate ACH debits and credits
  • Set up payroll direct deposit
  • Wire funds or receive wire payments
  • Transfer funds internally or externally
  • Sophisticated security protocols
  • Plus, all your favorite online banking features are included!

Learn more with our easy cash management tutorial.

Bill Pay

Make secure payments in less time. Don't wait on deliveries that truck along at at tractor speed. Our online bill pay service is available to businesses, 24/7. So you can pay vendors securely, make loan payments, and more. Even transfer funds externally.

In Detail:

  • 24/7 instant online bill pay service
  • Make secure payments
  • Schedule future or recurring payments
  • Transfer funds externally, across any bank or other financial institution
  • Sophisticated security protocols
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Plus, all your favorite online banking features are included!

Why get your hands dirty when you can streamline payments and payroll electronically? Use our Automated Clearing House (ACH) service to initiate and receive both credits and debits. Bill customers securely, set up direct deposit payroll, and more!

Expedite your cash flow, whether collecting or disbursing funds — saving you time, money, and stress — while cutting down on paper waste.

In Detail:

  • Make automatic payments
  • Receive automatic customer payments
  • Set up direct deposit employee payroll
  • Secure and easy-to-use
  • Save money on paper and postage
  • Plus, save valuable employee time!

Expedite payments with inbound and outbound wire transfers, whether you're moving money domestically or internationally. Approve incoming wire transfers easily online. Or, make sure your cash gets where it needs to go in less time. It's a simple, secure, and speedier way to complete the payment process.

In Detail:

  • Wire funds domestically or internationally
  • Expedite the payment process
  • Advanced security protocols
  • Ability to approve or deny inbound wire transfers
  • Plus, wires are easy to use!